Tips for DIY Podcasters

My friends Jen Blackert ( and Tracy Jones ( have started using Internet audio to get the word out about their businesses. Here's what I recommend to them.

Thoughts on Podcasting:

  1. I love the extemporaneous tone of the audio.
  2. This is Internet Audio, not a podcast. It doesn't become a podcast until it's released on an RSS feed. Should BrandTerra implement an RSS feed? Yes, and I'll talk more about that later.
  3. The audio is a bit over-driven and it's "clipping." This causes distortion on the louder portions of the audio. I understand that they had to amplify Jen's "close" voice to make Tracy's "far" voice audible. Consider using a conference call bridge. has a partnership with Conference Calls Unlimited.
  4. Rename the "[click here]" link "Listen" or use an audio graphic.
  5. Currently, the [click here] link points to an MP3 player, and opens in a full-sized browser window. It's important to remember that most people listen while doing other things. If they accidentally navigate to another page, the audio stops. Make it easy for them to play your audio in the background. Here are some possibilities:

    • Invest in the Wimpy player ($19.95). We use it at HearThis. This allows the visitor to play the audio without opening another blank window. We use this at on all of our podcast pages.
    • Open the audio in a small "player window". Here is a free player called AJAXTunes:

      Listen in New Window
  6. Get a theme song. If you have implemented an RSS feed (and thus have a Podcast) you qualify for a free Podcaster account at the Podsafe Music Network. There is lots of great music here and almost all of my theme music comes from there:
    Denis Kitchen
    Fumitaka Anzai
    Charlie Crowe
Posted by Brian Massey on Thursday, June 15, 2006