The Elevator Speech: What do you do and why should anyone care?

Andy Craig with Fair Share Consulting and uses popular media to drive home his recipe for a clear, concise, consistent elevator speech. Andy speaks at the May 2006 meeting of the American Marketing Association, Austin Chapter.
Audio runtime is 46:22.

- Does anyone talk like this on the weekends?
- Compelling first impressions: Think Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
- A bad elevator speech example from 60 Minutes
- Get to the point
- The “So What? Who Cares?” test
- Daily Show example: A long-assed answer
- Tell a compelling story
- Daily Show Example: Drop industry buzzwords
- Bono example: Memorable storytelling
- Golfsmith case study
- Remember it’s not about you
- Daily Show example: Talking points
- Put your CEO on camera
- Great storyteller: Chief Justice John Roberts
- Daily Show example: Drop the technical jargon
- Develop one elevator speech for the entire company
- Clinton war room example: It’s the economy, stupid!
- Practice your elevator speech
- Andy’s elevator speech
- Think from the customer’s perspective
- Go to for more examples

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