Barry Thornton on Ideation

Talk to customers, get feedback, and shape your product into something customers will pay for. These were some of the words of motivation that Barry Thornton offered in talking to the Bootstrap Austin Ideation group on July 21, 2008. Thornton, founder of Clear Cube and current owner of startup Austin Medical Research, offered a number of insights into the bootstrap process, one that he has repeated frequently since launching a concert promotion business in college.

Thornton’s philosophy involves starting from wherever you are. He said the startup idea doesn’t have to be perfect. All you need is an idea and a passion to get started. By talking to customers, you will mold the idea into a workable form. Then by injecting passion into the idea, others will follow.

“I don’t ever think of anything myself,” he said. “Ego gets in the way a whole lot. I find the best people to come up with ideas for me are customers, people who will give me money for the idea.”

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